Credit Cards

A range of premium credit cards to suit your lifestyle

At ibq our experience counts and tells us that we should give you the flexibility you want from your bank.

Our credit cards are available both as part of our elite banking service or on an individual application basis depending on your needs.

We can offer elite customers on the spot issuing of cards, giving you immediate access to all the services and privileges they have to offer. No more waiting weeks for the freedom and convenience of your banking cards.

Whether you need to cover an unexpected expense or make that special purchase at home or abroad our MasterCard credit cards are guaranteed to offer you added security.

All our cards are accepted at over 32 million outlets worldwide. You can also withdraw cash at over one million ATMs around the world where the MasterCard logo is displayed, keeping you connected to your money wherever you are.

The ibq credit card also offers you the option of spreading the costs of your purchases over a period that suits you.

We also offer year round promotions and benefits, so keep a lookout for our next great deal!